Property City: <span>Times City</span>

Was constructed basing on the idea about a modern urban with eco-friendly architecture of The Island Country-Singapore –, Vinhomes Times City is the combination of luxury and high-class living space with full of utilities where you and your family can enjoy a comfort and perfect life. With 360.500 sqm of total land area, Vinhomes Times City complex urban Area  divided into several functional subdivisions including: Luxurious apartment system, high-class commercial centre, giant recreational zone, diversed and varied cuisine zone, the first Aquarium in Vietnam, chain of green parks and wide lakes (over 100.000 sqm). Besides, Vinmec International General Hospital – world-class hospital in Vinhomes Times City with more than 600 of inpatient and closed boarding clinics with full facilities, specially modern equipment along with many excellent service, offering Vinhomes Times City residents in particular and Vietnamse in general an address of professtional and safe healthcare as well as beneficiary opportunities of high quality and world-class healthcare service.  

117 Properties Found